Digital Displays in Rhode Island

AA/Thrifty Sign & Awning’s digital displays give you the opportunity to take advantage of the possibilities that multimedia offers when delivering your promotional message. The main purpose of our digital displays is to entertain, inform and/or advertise.

Digital displays are the most innovative thing in marketing, sales, business communication and advertising since the creation of the Internet. They literally revolutionize the way companies communicate and advertise to their clients.

Advantages of Digital Displays

The main advantages of AA/Thrifty Sign & Awning’s digital displays are:

  • The content can be easily changed.
  • Video and animations can be broadcast.
  • The displays can be interactive.
  • The digital displays are cheaper and easier to update than printed advertising
  • Digital displays have a beneficial effect on customers who wait in line to be served. The displays entertain the customers, inform them and educate them.